History of the Huarache - Now a fashion item

History of the Huarache - Now a fashion item

Who would have thought that a simple handmade leather shoe which farm workers used in times that predates the European colonisation of Mexico, would today be considered a fashion item.   The Huarache originates from the Mexican states of Jalisco, Michoacàn and  Yucatàn.  The Dahlia Huarache is made in a small town in the state of Michoacàn. 

The Huarache was popularised in the 60's in the US due to the Hippy culture and is popular today selling in the US and many other countries.  

I can tell you that the Huarache has come a long way from the early 20th century where they started using the rubber from old car tyres for the sole.  This greatly increased the durability along with comfort.

In Mexico you can find Huaraches of various colours and styles at small artisian markets, in gorgeous little boutique towns (like Tlaquepaque) and in the many shops of the small town in which they are made.    Traditionally the style in its purest form is made from strips of woven leather through the sole to form sometimes intricate patterns on the upper section of the shoe.

Did you know that Nike have a style called the 'Nike Huarache?'  

It seems the Huarache word is used for various things and not just the original sandal.  It is also associated with a popular Mexican snack food.  It is basically a large oval tortilla topped with beans, salsas, onions, potato, meat, cilantro and cheese.  Supposedly, it derived its name because it resembled the shape of the shoe.  Funny stuff!

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